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A classy interior design choice for bars and restaurants

SICIS knows how important it is for bar and restaurant owners to offer their guests a unique and welcoming atmosphere in which every element has been carefully designed to stimulate the senses and create a memorable experience. Interior design plays a key role in this process as it contributes to defining the identity of the establishment and to conveying a message of elegance, sophistication, and attention to detail

SICIS design furnishings for bars and restaurants have been thought out to meet the specific needs of each business, taking into account the concept, architectural style, and personal preferences of the owners. Our many years of experience allows us to fully understand the challenges and needs of restaurateurs, offering unique solutions that stand out thanks to their quality, functionality, and look.

Design furnishings for bars and restaurants: innovative solutions for unique and exclusive interiors

SICIS transforms restaurant spaces into exclusive settings to meet the needs of customers looking for elegance and superior quality. We take care of every detail with the utmost attention, to guarantee a welcoming, sophisticated, and functional space.
Our furnishings for bars and restaurants are made with high-quality materials, chosen for their beauty and to be tough. We use precious woods, finely worked metals, leather, and refined fabrics, and all our materials are chosen to bring refinement and class to any space.

<p>Design furnishings for bars and restaurants: innovative solutions for unique and exclusive interiors</p>

Every catering establishment has its own identity and character and we understand the importance of reflecting these features in the interior design. Our designers work closely with the owners and architects to understand their vision and customize the furnishings so that they can be perfectly integrated with the style and atmosphere of the bar or restaurant. Each element must be unique, exclusive, and well-designed.

In addition to high-end aesthetics, we also take into account the functionality of the venue, designing solutions that optimize space, facilitate the flow of customers, and improve staff efficiency. From the layout of the tables to the choice of the seating, everything is designed to guarantee a comfortable and pleasant experience for both guests and staff.

Lighting plays a fundamental role in the atmosphere of a bar or restaurant, which means that our furnishing collections include amazing lighting solutions capable of creating attractive plays of light and enchanting atmospheres. From artistic hanging lamps to LED lights built-in to the decor, we provide flawless lighting to highlight every feature of the establishment. Design lighting solutions combine a sophisticated look with energy efficiency. Imposing chandeliers, decorative wall lamps, and soft lighting contribute to creating an evocative and unrepeatable atmosphere.

Attention to detail is what makes top-of-the-range interior design truly memorable and SICIS furnishings for bars and restaurants are embellished with flawless finishes, sophisticated inlays, and artistic decorations that capture customers’ attention. Every element has been designed to create an unrivalled sensory and visual experience.

Exclusive interiors for your establishment with SICIS design furniture

SICIS offers a furniture collection specially designed to meet the needs of the catering sector. Design chairs and stools made with exquisite materials and finished with care, from elegant and sophisticated styles to those more contemporary and daring, to satisfy every style and concept.

<p>Exclusive interiors for your establishment with SICIS design furniture</p>

The tables and counters are the focal point of any bar: SICIS makes tables with a unique design from high-quality materials, while the counters feature elegant lines and refined details, finished in mosaic or Vetrite glass slabs. When it comes to organizing spaces, SICIS offers exquisite containers and shelving units that allow you to keep everything in order without sacrificing style. Functional and creative solutions for storing glasses, bottles, and other essential items.

As well as traditional interior design, SICIS offers a stand-out element that makes its projects recognizable: mosaic. Mosaic is not just an artwork, but can also be used as a decorative element for bars and restaurants. Mosaic finishes for both walls and floors add a touch of refinement and originality to spaces, creating a special atmosphere.

SICIS furniture can be customized in its material, colors, and finishes, depending on your requirements, as well as the fabrics, tablecloths, cushions, and accessories that complete the rooms. We make it possible to request modifications or additions to existing furniture, or to commission the bespoke production of exclusive and original furniture. You can also always count on the ongoing support and assistance of SICIS, who will be there at every stage of the project, from choosing the furniture to installing it.

Examples of our exclusive interior design for unique and fashionable venues

SICIS presents an exclusive collection of high-end furniture for bars and restaurants, designed to elevate the guest experience and create an unforgettable atmosphere. To discover all our solutions, visit one of our showrooms in major cities around the world. 

<p>Examples of our exclusive interior design for unique and fashionable venues</p>


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