Savoir Faire Mosaic

Savoir Faire Mosaic

Each Sicis product is a unique work of art. The Mosaic masters continue to entice by preserving their admirably high artisanal standards and seeking out cutting edge technology. Enviably innovative in the modus operandi and committed to esteemed creative endeavor and adaptability, Sicis continues to revolutionize the world of interior design with poetic insouciance.

From the exterior cladding of luxury buildings, to the landscaping every Sicis collection is born from the brand unique creativity. Sicis is a company that has accumulated through the years and constant research an enormous know how that allows for an amalgamation of style, technology and materials aimed to realize avante garde products. It is well known in the market for reinventing the art of marble and stone mosaics in an industrial production, influencing and leading the realization of artistic mosaic, with the strength to make every product 100% Made in Italy.

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Sicis has given a contemporary dimension to the mosaic. This completely Made in Italy Art, once a simple covering, has transformed into a communication tool that can express trends and lifestyles. By combining handicraft skills, planning skills and continuous research, Sicis is able to offer unique and inimitable solutions. Mosaic tesserae, more than anything else, express this by combining into infinite chromatic combinations and decorative patterns.

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