Savoir Faire Jewels

Savoir Faire Jewels

Sicis manufactures high-end contemporary collections of jewels, marked by the unique setting of thousands of tesserae in gold, micromosaic and precious gems.

Sicis mosaic masters create tiny rods of gold and Venetian enamel, obtained by melting 9 different base colours at 1,200 degrees, producing infinite combinations of colours and shades. It takes the masters dozens of hours to complete a micromosaic jewel. They set one by one each micro tessera, made entirely by hand, following the designs with their naked eye and creating unique and unrepeatable works of art. These mosaic pieces are artistically fitted together to create patterns and motifs, a minute handcrafted work from the Ravenna atelier. As a result Sicis products are marked 100% Made in Italy.

To support the incredible work behind the micromosaic, SICIS has chosen precious metals and gemstones from all around the world to surround it.
Diamonds, sapphires, tanzanites and many other gems are carefully selected one by one to match and enrich the patterns and colors of the micromosaic.

Micromosaic is one of the most ancient and elaborate techniques in jewelry manufacturing, which got almost lost. Sicis studied micro-mosaic jewels collections of the '700 and '800 preserved in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and in the Vatican Museums for over 25 years of historical research, leading to the establishment of an atelier for the study of micro-mosaic.

After years of experiments, expenditure of considerable technological and human resources, the first collection was finally presented at Baselworld, in 2012, and this was only the first step. New jewelry and watches are being launched on a regular basis. Sicis strength is the combination of Italian creativity and know-how, matching a deep awareness of materials with a desire to experiment.

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