Quetzal Necklace

NC 63

Product description

Micromosaic, gold 18 kt, Titanium, diamonds and tanzanites

- Micromosaic

- Gold 18 kt 116,30 g

- Titanium 1000‰ 2,00 g

- Diamonds 15,11 ct

- Onice 2,00 ct

- Tanzanites 10,15 ct


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Believed to be one of the most beautiful birds on Earth for the astonishing hues of its plumage and a long tail. Sicis designers, enchanted by its incredible beauty, have created a jewel that enhances the natural elegance of this animal. The micro mosaic craftsmanship gives to the long plumes a sense of lightness, meanwhile the diamonds and the tanzanites sketch the outlines highlighting its powerful color.

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